ThePlanet Offers Free Setup Deal

The Planet a dedicated hosting provider, report that they are offering a free setup promotion across its range of server offerings for 72 hours. This report announced on Wednesday.
The promotion provides customers with waived setup fees on all new server orders, began yesterday at noon CST and runs through Friday at noon CST. The offer applies from the affordable Celeron to the high-performance Clovertown series.
Urvish Vashi, The Planet’s director of product management said “For the next three days, we’re offering additional savings for small- and medium-size businesses looking to add to their server lineup. The cost savings, coupled with The Planet’s wide range of servers and services, provides a compelling business opportunity for customers. As a long-standing supporter of the American Heart Association, we will also donate $10 for each new server purchased in the month of September to support this worthy organization.”

The Planet Offers Early Holiday Sale

The Planet a dedicated web hosting provider, announces that they had begun preparing for this year’s holiday season. The Planet offering help to online retailers meet the online shopping rush.
The Planet says, retailers should be equipped with more bandwidth and additional servers to accommodate the holiday spike. The company says that the shopping is expected to begin this September and sales are expected to set new records again this year.
The Planet’s vice president of marketing and product management Steve Kahan said “Each year holiday sales hit epic records, and we expect these numbers to once again exceed the 2006 record of $26 billion. The competition for fast and uninterrupted service has never been higher. Customers expect a better, faster and more seamless experience every year. To be certain they’re prepared, we advise customers to plan now.”
To accommodate the demand, The Planet offers three promotional packages: Unmetered Bandwidth offers to the customers, an unmetered access to a 10Mbps uplink for $50 or an unmetered 20 Mbps link for $250 per month; the Double Down promotion allowed customers buy twice the RAM, hard drive space or bandwidth at no additional cost until the end of August; and the newest packages, Ready-To-Go Servers are equipped with cPanel control panel and Red Hat Linux operation system, with a choice of Dual Xeon Processors, Conroe 360, or Pentium 4.
The Planet guarantees their promotion packages will beat any competing price by 10 percent.

Rackspace Hosts Hybris

UK managed hosting provider Rackspace Managed Hosting is selected by Hybris an E-commerce and product information management solution provider to deliver hosting for its e-commerce solutions.
A UK mail order supplier of vitamins and health supplements, Healthy Direct, is using the Hybris Commerce Suite to support its e-commerce site and is its first joint customer since partnering with Rackspace. Hybris says that with Rackspace’s hosting service, it will be able to provide a better online shopping experience, providing customers with a complete transactional and information site.
HybrisAndrew Piscina, UK general manager at Hybris said “Rackspace is a clear fit for Hybris and together we have a formidable set of skills and solutions that are second to none. Hybris boasts great e-commerce and product management technology as well as a high level of expertise and professionalism. This is complemented and mirrored by Rackspace’s excellence in service and innovation. The combination will undoubtedly lead to new opportunities for both parties.”

NeXplore Chooses LayeredTech

Layered Technologies, a self managed utility hosting services provider, announces that they has been selected by Web 2.0 solutions provider NeXplore to host NeXplore Search, a social search engine slated for launch later this year.
The company says, that the bundled solution provides NeXplore with a virtual private data center for efficiently and cost-effectively operating and managing NeXplore Search as well as future NeXplore Web 2.0 products and destinations. NeXplore will use The Grid Layer hosting solution from Layered Technologies in combination with 3Tera’s virtualization software AppLogic.
Todd Abrams, president and COO of Layered Technologies said “Web 2.0 companies on the cutting edge need to get their products quickly to market and the ability to scale rapidly is vital. In the past, each new product or product enhancement required a steep investment in terms of time and money. With The Grid Layer, fast growing Web 2.0 companies such as NeXplore can leverage cost-effective resources from commodity hosting providers, while maintaining complete control of their applications including visual operation, scaling and on-demand resource provisioning.”

LayeredTech Unveils LayeredNOW

Layered Technologies, a self-managed utility hosting service provider announces on Tuesday that they had release LayeredNOW Rapid Deploy Servers.
The company said, with this new technology (LayeredNOW), Layered Technologies can provide all the controls of collocation without the start up costs, having a server up and running in two hours or less enabling both small and large customers to rapidly deploy on- demand hosting and utility computing services, and long term contracts and associated challenges.
LayeredNOW Rapid Deploy Servers start at $65 a month and come available with CentOS and Debian. Unfortunetely they don’t provide high end server package.
Todd Abrams, president and COO of Layered Technologies said “We know that when a client comes to us, they need their servers up and running as soon as possible. LayeredNOW enables us to meet the demands and business needs of our clients within two hours, delivering to them the same affordability, flexibility and reliability that we always deliver, just much faster.”
This service will compete againts SoftLayer Express and ThePlanet Ready-to-go server

Softlayer Summarized Review

Many forums and communities talk about dedicated servers or web hostings, but there is a name that is quietly populer recently. Not by its incompatibility, but it is really popular through its inovations and satisfying services for the customers (although not all the customers).
Softlayer LogoFounded on 2005 by Lance Crosby, Esq. Softlayer is in its glorious years nowadays. Lance Crosby, Esq himself was the former COO of ThePlanet. Well, you may wonder, why is Softlayer so popular? What do their customers said? Inside this article, we try to compile some infos, reviews, and opinions from the forums about Softlayer. For everybody interested on them, no need spending so much time searching on Google and read articles one by one. FYI, we are not the customer of Softlayer yet, so we guarantee this article relevance, truly from people’s opinions, none are ours. When we are their customer one day, we will post another review, based on our very own experience with them.

SAVVIS Opens Atlanta Data Center

SAVVIS an IT infrastructure services provider says to meet growing demand for integrated hosting and network services they has completed building and officially opened a new data center in Atlanta, Georgia. This report announces Wednesday.
James Whitemore, chief marketing officer for SAVVIS said “Atlanta is a key business hub in the US. Our new Atlanta data center was built specifically to provide IT infrastructure as service to the growing number of Fortune 1000 firms with operations in Atlanta. In addition, Atlanta’s location outside of the hurricane corridor makes it ideal for delivering vital disaster recovery and failover services for businesses throughout the Southeast.”
SAVVIS currently operates 24 facilities worldwide. For the next plan, they are preparing to open data centers in the New York-New Jersey metro area, the Washington D.C. metro area and the San Francisco Bay area.
The company says this facility offers approximately 30,000 square feet of raised floor space and provides customers with up to 165 watts per square foot of conditioned power delivered by a five bus electrical system and backed up with uninterruptible power supplies and diesel generators.

Rackspace Invests in $100m HQ

Rackspace Managed Hosting, a web hosting provider, announces in this week that they will invest $100 million to change a vacant San Antonio, Texas shopping mall into their new headquarters. Web analytics firm Netcraft reports, Rackspace will add 4,000 new employees over the next five years.
These plans are a part of a deal to keep Rackspace in the San Antonio. This included a $22 million grant from the Texas Enterprise Fund. Rackspace finalized an agreement to lease the Windsor Park Mall in San Antonio suburb Windcrest. The company was launched in 1998 in San Antonio by three students from Trinity College.
Graham Weston, executive chairman of Rackspace Managed Hosting “The Governor’s Texas Enterprise Fund grant was the key factor in Rackspace’s decision to keep its company headquarters in San Antonio and build out a new campus within Windsor Park Mall. We look forward to San Antonio being our home for years to come.”
Rackspace had more than 920,000 hostnames housed on its network of six data centers. Rackspace leading the survey six times in 2006 and twice this far in 2007, has been a top performer in Netcraft’s monthly ranking for category the most reliable web hosts. Rackspace had a positive net income in the first quarter of 2007 and revenue of $75.2 million. The company has signed more than 900 new customers.

Layered Tech Offers Super Grid

Layered Technologies, a self managed utility hosting services provider, announces that the Super Grid, the largest Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC), is now available.
The VPDC comprises of 47 terabytes of storage using Intel platforms coupled with 3tera’s Applogic software, 443 CPUs and 920 GB RAM, controlled with just a browser. For enterprises considering building out new facilities or leasing collocation space, the VDPC is a great cost-alternative for it.
By cooperating with Layered Technologies, companies can achieve ROI quickly via reduced capital investment, total cost of ownership, labor reduction, training and floor space. The benchmarking result show that the VDPC can easily scale from 10 servers to more than 100 servers without significant performance issues.
Jeremy Suo-Anttila, CTO of Layered Technologies said “Our testing results make it clear to enterprise customers that they don’t have to, or need to, invest in a datacenter full of hard steel technologies. With the VPDC, users get complete control of their own private grid. Using our visual interface, they set up and assemble disposable virtual infrastructure, including firewalls, load balancers, Web servers, database servers, NAS boxes, visually, by pointing and clicking. Users can also add more resources to their grid at any time.”

LayeredTech Offers 30 Days Sale

A self-managed dedicated server provider, Layered Technologies announces on Friday it is holding its “Out of this World” sale. This sale program offers 30 days of one–day specials to customers, including up to 60 percent off standard packages and free upgrades.
Layered Technologies invite their customers, as part of its sale to enter to win a free mega server. Entries are currently being accepted for the most creative written, graphic, or video submission that represents the theme of the Out of the World sale.
The winner announces on October 8th will be selected by Layered Technologies. The winner can choose between a “Bronze GRID” for three months and a “MEGA Server” for six months.
Layered Technologies enabling both large and small customers to rapidly deploy on-demand hosting and utility computing services, provides custom technologies solutions to clients in over 120 countries.
For additional information, user can log on to the Out of this World on the Layered Technologies web site and view the daily special.